Cambridge Lakes Golf Course

The Cambridge Lakes Golf Course is one of the nicest courses in and around Cambridge that caters to a wide range of visitors. There are many things to do at the well-known club, and you can keep yourself entertained whether you go alone, with your mates, or with your whole family.

The golf course is located near the Royal Cambridge Hotel that makes it a perfect course for visitors to the area. Cambridge Lakes is hugely popular with families and groups of friends because of the relaxed atmosphere and wide open spaces. The operators of Cambridge Lakes are far more interested in the leisure time and entertainment that their course provides than they are with the social status that usually comes with the higher-end golf courses and clubs.

Learning to Golf

If you are just starting out, or if you are bringing your family so that they can learn to golf, Cambridge Lakes is a perfect option. There are great opportunities for practice such as the putting green, the chipping green, and the practice bunker.

The putting green is perfect for the whole family. It provides a flat surface on which players of all skill levels can work on learning and then mastering the green. While putting may look easy to those who do not know, it can be a very challenging type of shot as complete accuracy is generally the intended goal. It is great for kids too, because there are no difficult obstructions and the use of power is not required.

The chipping green is similar to the putting green, but it takes things to the next level. Players can practice mid-length shots in various layouts to improve their game when they finally make it to the main course. This is a great place to learn about the different effects that some of the chipping wedges can have on the ball.

When everyone is ready to let off some steam, the practice bunker is where the fun is at. The bunker is a driving range where players can try for the longest shots they can muster. This is a great place for players at almost every skill level.

The Course

The course at Cambridge Lakes is wide open and provides plenty of space to move around. So much space, in fact, that most people rent golf carts to travel around the course. The course features the standard 9 holes and comes at a very reasonable price, thus making it a great place for company trips or a family day. Many people bring their dogs, and normal clothes are acceptable given the laid-back atmosphere.

The Shops and Refreshments

After a long day on the green, there are shops and areas in which to be refreshed. The clubhouse is nice for a meal and some drinks if you are looking to have a sit-down meal, but there is a snack bar as well for a quick bite if that’s what you want. You can also buy some gear from the pro shop that is on site and provides a great way to ensure that your equipment stays up to par.