Cambridge Meridian Golf Club

Playing golf is a relaxing exercise. There is something about walking along the lush greens dotted with gentle trees that puts your mind at ease. And when the golf course sits in the middle of a 210-acre site lush with greenery, the sport gets even more relaxing. The golf course we are talking about is the Cambridge Meridian Golf Club.

A Name With A Reason

There is a reason why the Meridian Golf Club is called so. It is one of only ten golf courses in the world that sits right on the meridian line. Imagine you are playing a round and you cross to and for the imaginary line as you play. An average player will probably cross it up to 7 times in a round. Now that is a pretty good reason to try out the course. But there’s more…

A Top Course Design

The lush Cambridge Meridian Golf Club offers much more than just crossing the imaginary meridian line. The course has been designed by two names who are well known among golf circles, Peter Alliss and Clive Clark. Not only have these designers left their stellar imprint on courses all through the UK, they have been players themselves. This has bestowed on them an insider’s view on how a course should be laid out, offering a stern test of skills as well as some fun. And that is exactly the charm of the Meridian Golf Club.

A Good Challenge

The course stretches out at 6,700 yards with a par score of 73. That itself should tell you that you need to be on top of your game to do well here. Then there are strategic water hazards that lift the level of challenge, but also makes the course that much more interesting. The greens too, will test your golfing skills.

After the stern challenge comes the generous fairways that allow you take relax and take it easy. This section should be ideal for part-timers and novices who are looking to hone their skills while staying competitive.

For all of those serious about the game and looking for a tough challenge, they should try the 5thgreen that has three tiers. It has often been compared to a rollercoaster with the twists and turns on this particular hole. And not to be forgotten is the 18th hole which has been voted as one of the best in the region.

The main attraction at the Cambridge Meridian Golf Club is its course, but there are other facilities and services that will surely impress you as well.

Premium Hospitality

The hospitality services provided at the club will leave you feeling pampered and indulged. The clubhouse has a well-stocked bar that serves real ale. There is perhaps no better way to finish a game of challenging golf than with a crisp, cold beer. The clubhouse serves a variety of health foods as well.

The Cambridge Meridian Golf Club has been established to provide one of the best golfing experiences in the region ‒and it delivers on its promise with excellent golf and amenities.