Direct Golf UK

Direct Golf UK is a golf store with stores all over the UK and well-used website. It is one of the busiest and highest selling stores in the country and boasts being the top discount store in Europe.

Driving Range

There is a vast range of equipment advertised on the website. This could be overwhelming at first, but the page is set up neatly and is incredibly user-friendly. Everything is set out in categories and can be browsed as such ‒ shoes, clubs, balls etc. All are within their own category. And to make it even easier, within each category are sub categories. For example, within clubs it is sub sectioned into ladies, putters, drivers, fairways etc. all lending to supreme ease of navigation around the site.

A range of top brands such as Calloway, Nike Golf, Cobra and Slazenger, to name a few, are all available on the site. Equipment is helpfully sorted by brand allowing prospective customers to search for their favorite items.

Each piece of equipment is displayed to the highest level and to enable the visitor to see as full and comprehensive view of the product as possible. In many instances, 360-degree photograph views are available, particularly of the clubs and careful details and specifications are given for each piece of equipment. All this information helps to make this site the perfect choice when buying golf supplies, whether it is for oneself or a gift for another. A great bonus is that as items are selected, the smart site automatically chooses to display other items the viewer might show interest in based on previous choices. Potential hours of shopping can be had on this very handy, fully stocked website.

Bargain Hunt

With such a wide range and huge clientele, Golf Direct UK is able to further cater to its clients by competitive pricing. Often large sales and discounts dominate the front page, thus enticing more customers in via the allure of a good deal. Fast and prompt delivery service really does help too. With returns and exchanges, refunds, and gift cards, this is the ideal place to shop regardless of level or ability.

Even more excitingly, pre orders on specific items can be made depending on availability.

And of course for those that don’t enjoy the Internet, there are physical stores around the country. Simply head to the store locator and find the nearest one. These stores all have experienced and knowledgeable workers to help facilitate and aid in the buyers’ needs. And if the store doesn’t have the specific item, simply place an order at the store. Nothing is easier.

Whilst for the true golf enthusiast shopping for clubs in a physical store is seen as optimal due to the ability to test the clubs, for the majority of golfers this online store is ideal. Excellent delivery service, easy set-ups, clear photos, and up-to-date information makes for an easy shopping experience for the average buyer. No wonder Direct Golf UK is such a big hit in Britain.