Golf equipment in Cambridge

Being flat and open, Cambridge has a relatively large golfing community and a growing number of courses. This of course means that golfing equipment needs to be hand for sale. Where and what to buy are the question.

Going Clubbing

First and foremost, on any golfer’s list is a set of clubs. These can come in so many ranges, types, and price levels it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially to a beginner. For those with only a passing interest or a tighter budget, many of their golfing equipment needs can be met with online purchasing. Gumtree for Cambridge, for example, is an online trading website and many secondhand clubs can be found there for bargain prices.

For the professional or those with a little extra cash, there are other websites such as Direct Golf UK or American Golf. However, for the serious golfer, customizing the clubs to oneself is of vital importance. And the only way to do this is to see and try the clubs in person. Many of the golf clubs around Cambridgeshire have their own small stores and display a range of products from many different brands usually at somewhat discounted prices. The added bonus being that the budding golfer can try out the clubs then and there and, if the club’s facilities allow, customize the clubs on the spot. This lends itself to a much more practical way to shop. Kingsway Golf Centre, a mere 8 miles from Cambridge, carries the American Golf range and always is fully stocked and to complete the purchasing experience has club-fitting facilities. Cambridge Golf Driving Range, an easy 2 miles from Cambridge center, also has a large pro shop. Members of Foremost Golf, they have a wide range of stock and benefit from being able to discount many items. They too have club-fitting facilities and the added bonus of repairs, logo cresting and a putting studio. There is no shortage of places to go for equipment in this area!

But what to buy

Contrary to popular belief, a golfer does not just need clubs in his arsenal. In fact there is a multitude of other equipment, smaller but no less necessary than the clubs. For instance, balls. And many of them. Especially at the start of learning, many of these will be lost but spares and used balls do come in handy for practice. Golf tees are also necessary, as the ball cannot be struck without one. Smaller items include ball markers, umbrella, towel, pencil and paper to name a few. And let’s not forget a golf bag to actually carry everything in.

Clothing is also very important to the golfer. It can be quite often wet and cold out on a golf course. Exposed to the elements. it is necessary to prepare well. Waterproof and warm but loose-fitting clothing are imperative. Most clubs will have a dress code and items such as jeans or football shirts are not acceptable. Smart shirts and trousers are the norm; make sure to check rules before entering a new club.

Lastly, the shoes. Golf shoes have spikes in the bottom which help to maintain grip on what is often soggy turf. With soft and metal spikes available, multiple colors, and styles, there is no shortage of choice. The priority here though, is simply comfort.

On Par

Cambridge has no shortage of shops and facilities to buy all golfing equipment imaginable. Huge ranges of brands and prices allow for golfers of any skill to find something in their price range or skill level with relative ease. Though beware, the amount of equipment needed to truly enjoy this sport can sometimes be overwhelming. At the end of the day, comfort will make the game more enjoyable and also help to improve skill level. If possible, get those clubs fitted.